Last updated: 01.04.2024

A new sound system and light system was put in place in January 2023 (see photos here, here, here and here, videos here and here and specifications below).

Please see the updated Information for Bands and DJ’s:

1. The main PA system is Seeburg Acoustic Line, comprised of:

  • 4 x Seeburg K20DP tops, 2 per side.
  • 4 x Seeburg GSub 1501DP, 2 per side.
  • There is also an in-fill system. This is comprised of 10 x 8” LD Stinger 8 G3’s. The in-fills are used for speeches and also to distribute sound around the venue during the Band and DJ performances. The system is approximately 13K watts.
  • Bands: there are 2 Red coloured XLR’s at the rear of the stage area which will give a L&R feed from your desk to the PA.
  • DJ’s: you just need your decks (and desk if you use one) plus your lights. There are 2 Blue Coloured XLR’s at the DJ position (Stage Right). The DJ curfew is 2am.
  • BBQ musicians: please see section 6 below. There are 2 Green coloured XLR’s at the rear of the stage area which will give a L&R feed from your desk to the PA.
  • No confetti canons and cold spark machines are allowed.
  • All music, including DJ’s must plug into our in-house system. No outside or additional sound system can be used.

2. Sound level monitor

  • There is a sound level monitor opposite the stage. This monitor shows the measured level in dBC and also lights green, amber and red. The monitor turns red at 109dbc.
    You need to keep the sound level out of the red. This is for the benefit of our neighbours and also our guests. Please stay within the sound limits for our venue and in keeping with regulations.

3. Acoustic treatment

  • The entire venue is covered with 25mm, 50mm and 100mm acoustic foam. There are also 4 large diffusers covering the entire ceiling over the stage and dance floor. Directly opposite the band and PA there is an 8m long x 2.4m tall bass trap.

4. Lighting

  • The system consists of an up-lighting system, lighting pillars within the venue. These are generally set on ‘warm white’ during the day but we may change their colour as
    the night goes on. 4 fresnel spots lighting the top table during speeches, these are for the benefit of photographers and videographers but may also be used for the first dance.
    – 8x ADJ Tri Par Plus cans, 4 each side of the stage to light the band,
    – 2x ADJ Stinger 2 lighting the dance floor,
    – 1x Laserworld CS1000 which is generally used during the DJ,
    – 1x ADJ Entour Fazer. This is just generating a light haze to enhance the lighting. These are all controlled by a DMX controller from FOH.

5. Upon arrival

  • You can bring in gear at the front of the venue through the doors facing the lake. Please don’t reverse up to the doors immediately as speeches may be in progress and the parking of cars and vans in full view of our guests is very distracting, it also obstructs the view of the lake for guests and photographers. Please park at the back of the venue until it’s time to set-up.

6. BBQ & Pre-wedding dinner music

For a BBQ or Pre-Wedding dinner we require acoustic music with no form of amplification outside (this is not applied for music indoors). Outdoor music must be acoustic only (e.g. guitar only, no speakers). We would recommend starting the music around 9:30pm (from May to August), 8pm (September) and 7:30pm (from October to April) for within the pavilion or main house.

7. Drinks reception/ceremony music

For ceremony music in the Boathouse and the drinks reception we recommend acoustic musicians such as a harpist/guitarist/cellist etc. The acoustics are very good but your celebrant or musicians may bring a small speaker/microphone if they wish. We don’t allow DJ’s, DJ & Saxophone Duo’s, drum shows and electronic music to be played outside.


Please let us know if you have any questions about logistics and procedures. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Bands that played in Ashley Park House recently (last updated: 17.05.2024):

  • Transmitter band
  • Catch 22
  • Sway Social
  • DJ Paul Prenderville
  • The Pat Fitz Band
  • The Cazettes
  • Beatclub
  • DJ Davin Toomey
  • Flog The Dog
  • The Dionnes
  • Off The Wall
  • ​​The Beat Boutique
  • The Men In Black
  • The Heebie Jeebies
  • Bentley Boys
  • The Suitcase Trio
  • ReJig
  • The Trips
  • All Talk
  • A Few Good Men
  • Arthur
  • The Pearls
  • DJ Jimmy Burke
  • Fallen Empire
  • The Panoramics
  • The Unusual Suspects
  • Jo Petit and The Dream Band
  • Bentley Boys
  • The Papa Zitas
  • Comic Book Heroes
  • The Cazettes
  • Simon Casey
  • The Bratz
  • The Electrix
  • DJ Eoghan O’Sullivan
  • Spring Break
  • The Pearls
  • Midland DJs – Trevor Matthews
  • Blue Romantics
  • The Secrets
  • Flog The Dog
  • Sway Social
  • Long Time Coming
  • The Moogs
  • Sean Slattery and the Connections
  • The Brass Monkeys
  • The Pearly Whites
  • Sax and the City Band
  • The Seducers
  • The Suite
  • Paudie Walsh – The DJ
  • Who Knows
  • Blue Romantics
  • The Sixty Five Band
  • 52nd Street
  • The Kickbacks
  • Spring Break
  • Evoke
  • Silver Dollar / ALIAS
  • The Suite
  • The Pearls
  • Simon Casey Wedding Band
  • White Diamond
  • DJ Oisin Ryan
  • DJ Cian O Ciobhain
  • The Cosmonauts
  • Blacktye
  • The Suitcase Trio
  • Spring Break
  • Naked Bare
  • The Pearly Whites
  • The Good Hustle